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Private garage

They represent the best solution for parking near our facility.

The daily rates are around 25-30 euros, the further you move away from the center, the more the price drops. It is necessary to enter the ZTL to get there but all these garages generally communicate the number of your plate to the authorities thus avoiding the fine.
We recommend the Park2Go which is located a short distance from our hotel, and therefore remains very convenient both for its location and for the additional services it offers. Our structure has an agreement, when booking we will tell you what to say to get a discount.


Luggage Deposit

Here is the information you need for your stay. Information for check in: Address: Via dei Servi 3 black Check…

Emergency Numbers and Services ...

EMERGENCIES Police: 113 Carabinieri: 112 Fire Brigade: 115 Ambulance Rescue: 118 Lost and found objects: via Circondaria 17b -…

Florence museums

Here is a link where you will find all the museum timetables:


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